About Us is set up by a team of chemists and engineers with over 20 years of experience and a strong knowledge of ingredients. After years of meticulous testing and refining, we finally launched our online platform, with a unique approach to ingredients and formula.

We believe that nobody knows your skin and hair like you do, therefore it is only natural that getting specially-made products would benefit you even more.



At our innovative online beauty lab, we have the widest range of natural cosmetic ingredients, all carefully selected and tested by our chemists. Our revolutionary algorithm system automatically generates the right combination of ingredients and proportions based on your personal choices and goals. We do not test cosmetics on animals and do not cooperate with organizations that cause harm to animals. 




Because one solution can't be right for millions of different people, we create MixEasy cosmetics exclusively for you, from ingredients you choose yourself.

Our products are not like shop-bought cosmetics, which can already be 6 months old when you buy them, nor are they homemade cosmetics, which is rarely effective. Your MixEasy cosmetics will always be fresh, created by you, from high quality natural ingredients, with the help of professional laboratory.

Discover made-to-order skincare and haircare at innovative online beauty lab.