Rose Quartz Roller

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 Rose Quartz Roller Features: 

  • Made of 100% pure rose quartz gemstones. Our facial roller stands out in both the quality of the stone and the quality of construction of the roller itself.
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage and takes down the puffiness
  • Boosting luminosity thanks to its ability to stimulate blood flow
  • Regular use promotes muscle tension relief for the face and eye area, this hand-carved roller has a gradual ‘contouring’ effect, redefining angles to make you look younger.
  • When using the skin roller for face , the best technique is to work from the center of your face up and outwards.
  • It is double-sided with a large end for broad surfaces and a smaller end for the harder-to-reach areas like under the eyes and the mouth area. Each face roller comes in a reusable box with magnet, manual, jade wipe cloth, pink velvet pouch.